Satisfying Business is essentially a business enterprise or business unit strategy.


Satisfying Business is evidently a satisfying, system, quality, excellence, and competitive strategy.

The foregoing compelling principles detailed in their page herein underlie Satisfying Business and show why its activator, Kioko Muema, chose to best research and refine conventional business enterprise or unit strategy to discard its dissatisfying inclinations and to entrench its satisfying orientations, resulting in Satisfying Business, as featured hereunder in brief.



Satisfying Business features

Satisfying Business organization, product, people, procurements, information, legality, security, and finance.

The activator best details the foregoing in slide book

To have a peep at it, please download its introductory pages.


Satisfying Business benefits:

> business customers with satisfying business product and 

> business people with satisfying business people, procurements, information, legality, security, and finance.


​Satisfying Business is indeed: 


satisfying business customers with satisfying business product and

satisfying business people with satisfying business people, procurements, information, legality, security, and finance.

As Satisfying Business people with Satisfying Business strategy, you: 

formalize and systemize your satisfying business making it a deliberate rather than a chance occurrence

> simultaneously satisfy your customers as well as yourselves

> embed your satisfying business acumen and protect it should it slip

maximize and invite your chances of satisfying business success and minimize and repel your chances of dissatisfying business failure

accurately and clearly state your satisfying business actions, giving yourselves accurate and clear role and job descriptions, an invaluable attribute in your success

provide an accurate and clear code for you to adhere to, considering that you come from different schools of business yet are supposed to act harmoniously, ensuring coherent business actions

> do not just consider select business features but full business features to indeed make a balanced scorecard, as truly, business is only as strong as its weakest part

> surely discard your dissatisfying business inclinations and entrench your satisfying business orientations


On learning of the foregoing and having a discussion on the same with its activator, as business directors of your business enterprise or unit, you choose to respectively adopt, have, and get Satisfying Business principles, features, and benefits and to therefore procure its activation for your business enterprise or unit from its activator.



Activation mix and procurement


Enablement or establishment



Communication, consulting, and audit

Communication informs you on Satisfying Business features as its prospective people.

You are informed to know and grasp it so as to initially reset and rejig your business strategy and subsequently your business actuality to it.

It comprises Satisfying Business organization, product, people, procurements, information, legality, security, and finance communication.

Communication is oral, written, and/or visual being either onsite or online.

Consulting assists you adhere to Satisfying Business actions on your consultation on the same.

It advises, interprets, and/or substantiates on your actions on it.
It comprises its 
directment and management consulting 
from its activator on your consultation for it on the same.

Audit ascertains that your Satisfying Business actualization is in accordance with its plan and that its report is in accordance with its actualization.

As in its foregoing description, it is twofold. It comprises its actualization and plan audit and actualization and report audit

The activator's audit is external. It is in addition to your own internal audit.



Business management of your Satisfying Business for its establishment over its set duration.

Business management is business scanning, research, analysis, forecasting, planning, directing, actualizing, reporting, and audit of/for your Satisfying Business for its establishment over its set duration.


To procure its activation, simply invite its activator to offer you either its enablement or establishment. The activator will definitely oblige to your invitation and on your acceptance of the offer, we both enter into an agreement contract for either. As agreed, you then accordingly proceed to your Satisfying Business with the activator's enablement or establishment of it for you.


Activator mix and contact


Enabler or establisher



Satisfying Business communicator, consultant, and auditor.

Satisfying Business organization, product, people, procurements, information, legality, security, and finance communicator


Satisfying Business directment and management consultant.

Satisfying Business plan and actualization auditor and actualization and report auditor.



Activator as business manager of your Satisfying Business over its set establishment duration.

As business manager the activator is the business scanner, researcher, analyst, forecaster, planner, director, actualizer, reporter, and auditor of your Satisfying Business over its set establishment duration.


You are quite welcome to contact the activator in Nairobi, Kenya for further information or any clarification on Satisfying Business. The activator shall be glad to respond.

Satisfying Business at the Management Innovation Exchange:

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