You are informed to know and grasp it so as to initially reset and rejig your business strategy and subsequently your business actuality to it.


Oral communication is the activator's vocal presentation of Satisfying Business to you.

The activator does this by conducting a series of programmed presentations on it to you.

Prior to presentation the activator spends a day or so with you at your business premises conversing with the chief and departmental executives to assess your Satisfying Business presentation needs. The activator does this to understand your current business approach and skill set, appraise its strengths and weaknesses, identify similarities for touch-up and differences for overhaul with Satisfying Business. This informs the activator's presentation and may affect its programme.

Click here for the tentative presentation programme. The activator shall seek and incorporate your input on it before we jointly establish a roll out schedule.
Presentation takes place at either inhouse or external residential or non-residential venues with appropriate facilities nominated by the recipient and seconded by the trainer.

Written communication is in its digital slide book availed in its oral communication.

Updates to the slide book are published periodically based in part on your feedback and improvement suggestions.
Visual communication is the activator's graphic (charts, tables, or diagrams) and/or video communication.
Multi communication 
is any combination of the above in one.


Onsite or online communication.

Communication recipients are the
chief and departmental executives.


On communication, the activator also grants your business a non-exclusive and non-transferable
licence to actionize
Satisfying Business. Actioning Satisfying Business in breach of licence is a serious offence for which the culpable business people may be sued for punitive damages or subjected to criminal prosecution.

The activator evaluates communication recipients through
various feedback techniques and at the same time ask you to evaluate your own grasp of Satisfying Business and the activators delivery of it.

You require typical business grasp and skills to be eligible to receive Satisfying Business communication.


Directment Consulting

Business features determination, business manager determination, business management directing, and departmental external auditors determination consulting.

Management Consulting

Business, product, people, procurements, information, legality, security, and financial management consulting.

You can request for on-line, on-phone, or on-site consulting during working hours.



Actualization and Plan Audit

Business actualization and plan audit is business organization actualization and plan audit.

Business actualization and plan audit is best ascertaining that business actualization and business plan converge with or diverge from each other. Plan convergent reports require their perpetuation and improvement of their plan actualization while plan divergent reports necessitate their plan actualization correction and improvement.

Business actualization and plan audit is dual, in form of internal and then external audit.
The activator provides external 
business actualization and plan audit. On external audit, he may certify and register you to be in conformity with your business plan and report.

Actualization and Report Audit

Business actualization and report audit is business organization actualization and report audit.

Business actualization and report audit is best ascertaining that business report and business actualization converge with or diverge from each other. Actualization convergent reports require their corresponding opinion while actualization divergent reports necessitate their corresponding opinion.

Business actualization and report audit is dual, in form of internal and then external audit.

The activator provides external business actualization and report audit. On external audit, he may certify and register you to be in conformity with your business plan and report.


Business scanning, research, analysis, forecasting, planning, directing, actualizing, reporting, and audit of your Satisfying Business by its activator over its set establishment duration.



To invite the activator to offer you Satisfying Business activation, including fees amounts and payment terms, simply proceed by filling the invitation to offer form hereunder or just calling up the activator to do so. This will lead you to a conversation with the activator that will guide the activator's offer to you. Kindly return your filled form to the activator on email.


The activator's offer to you is on your invitation and the activator's above-mentioned subsequent conversation informing the activator on your current business approach, product, industry, sector, scale, stage, and format among other information and addressing your expectations.

Your acceptance of the activator's offer paves way for both of us to enter into Satisfying Business enablement or establishment agreement contract.


We both sign the Satisfying Business enablement or establishment agreement contract for execution. As agreed, you then accordingly proceed to your Satisfying Business on payment of scheduled fees due as the activator duly enables or establishes it for you.

Satisfying Business at the Management Innovation Exchange:

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