As business directors of your business enterprise or unit, you choose to respectively adopt, have, and get Satisfying Business principles, features, and benefits. You do this by making a board resolution or executive decision adopting it to be your satisfying business strategy while procuring its activator's activation of it for your business enterprise or unit. Your resolution or decision also sets its commencement date. You may have a conversation with the activator to guide you through your resolution or decision.

You choose Satisfying Business as people in/of:

> industrial and/or retail goods business

> farming, agro-processing, mining, manufacturing, wholesale, and/or retail business

> private, public, or private-public-partnership business

> start-up, growth, or recovery business

small, medium, or large business

> local, multilocal, national, and/or multinational business

> sole-proprietorship, partnership, company, or cooperative business

You choose Satisfying Business to:

> refer to its oral, written, visual, and/or multimedia communication to know and grasp it for your subsequent action on it.

> refer to its oral communication by attending its vocal presentation. You  do this by attending the communicator's series of programmed presentations on it.
> refer to its written communication by reading its slide book availed during its oral presentation.
> refer to its visual communication by viewing its graphic (charts, tables, or diagrams) and/or video communications.

> refer to its multi communication by attending, reading, and viewing any combination of the above in one.


You choose Satisfying Business as you:

> have typical business grasp and skills to refer to its communication.

You choose Satisfying Business to:

> demonstrate its competence by showing sufficient knowledge and grasp of and skill in its actual actions.

> gain or improve competence in it through briefing on and reference to and action on it.

> action it by adhering to its actualization activations.

> be awarded with its actions competence certificate on assessment of it on the same.

Satisfying Business at the Management Innovation Exchange:

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